The first thing that strikes you about Maxwell house is the fact that it is old. It has existed for decades with its properties still intact. If you are one person who loves visiting amenities that have stood the test of time, then Maxwell house is a go-to place for you. It is a commercial property located at 20 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069113 in District 01. The commercial property is a 12 story commercial property that is primarily used for office rental and sale. It is a stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station and OU tram park MRT station. Maxwell house is also next to several bus stops such as the bus stop opposite Fairfield Methodist Church-05271, the bus stop before Wallich Street-05429 and the bus stop after Craig Road- 05421. The commercial property is also close to amenities like NTUC Fairprice (Tanjong Pagar), Giant (Amara Hotel) and NTUC Fairprice (Amara).

Maxwell house is near several eateries such as 33 Tras Street, Maxwell Road Food Centre, and 73 Tras street. This fact is fundamental to note because the commercial property accommodates thousands of people who show us for work and goods and services. Most of these people at some point leave their offices to eat. This is where such eateries come in handy. It is also near China Square Central where various activities and events mostly for entertainment get showcased. Shopping malls such as Tanjong Pagar Centre and Pearls Centre. The shopping malls stand to serve all with multiple needs. Those who love shopping for no good reason, those who buy at weird hours of the night and those who enjoy hanging around the mall are all satisfied. It is also at the heart of the Central Business District. The beauty of having such a building within the business district is that there are varieties of other amenities where people can access goods and services according to their tastes and preferences. The commercial property also has food courts within it that serve an array of cuisines. This means that staff and people visiting the building do not have to leave the building in pursuit of food. Maxwell house is also located opposite a famous hawker centre which has excellent goods and services with a variety for choice.

Maxwell house is one commercial property that was built strategically hence the effective fulfilment of its purpose. It great properties and location are what attract people to it and what makes it be ranked among the best commercial properties in Singapore.

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