Inject Fun In Your English Lessons By Integrating Technology

Today, the world is experiencing a technological revolution that was not previously anticipated. Tech solutions are making nearly everything easier and faster to execute. Technology has made the world a global village and hardly can we do anything today without the aid of technology.

Therefore, it is obvious that several English Courses in Singapore are incorporating technology as a core mode of instruction. If you are wondering how you can join the bandwagon, below are creative ways you can use technology to improve the learning of English.


Games are fun and stimulate the mind. There are several computer games available on the internet that are designed to enhance certain aspects of English. There are games designed to enhance one’s vocabulary, pronunciation or sentence construction.

These games stimulate the senses and enable deeper learning due to the fun aspect.

In addition, learning can be faster.

Watching videos and listening to audio programs

Scientists have shown that the human mind memorizes visual and audio communication better than written communication.

Visionary and auditory memory consists of about 80 percent of what we remember. Typically, English lessons for kids and adults include watching and listening to specific videos so learners can sharpen their listening skills and are able to pick up the cultural context of speakers.

Learners are also able to pick up proper pronunciation and the use of expressions, idioms and other dynamics of English.

Taking online English grammar tests

There are several English lessons as well as grammar tests available online.  All you need to do is register with a particular website, then take the class. Since online learning is often done privately, you can use the lessons as a tool to complement what you are learning in a physical class.

Use grammar checking bots

Along with English lessons and grammar tests online, programmers have developed robots that perform grammar checks and corrections. These robots are mostly Internet based and perform more intricate grammar checks as compared to the regular word processing software. With such a bot, learners of English can prepare written content and perfect it by running it through the application.

Use technology to communicate with native speakers

Gone are the days when one would have to wait several days or spend a small fortune, to communicate with people across the world. Today, people can have real-time conversations, in text, video or audio, at a fraction of the cost thanks to the internet.

Along with the development of the internet, the rise of social media has seen connectivity and interchange between people from different parts of the globe grow tremendously. Students nowadays are tech-savvy users of social media.

They can use social media such as Facebook or Google groups to link up with like-minded people from across the world, have conversations with native English speakers and get tips on how they can sharpen your skills from an unlimited pool of experienced helpers.

Seamless global connectivity is perhaps the most significant impact technology can make in your quest to learn English in Singapore.

These aspects of technology are available at nearly no cost and can be seamlessly entrenched in English courses in Singapore. Use technology to enhance you or your child’s English skills.

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