How To Foster Good Relationships Between You And Your Boss

Dedicated employees who want to advance in their career at work has to be able to make their employers notice them in the right and professional way. For some, this may mean to curry favours, but in actuality, it is about doing the right thing at the right time and working hard.

To achieve a good working discipline and impress your boss, try following some of the tips listed below.

Report early to work every day

One sign that you are a good employee is by respecting your boss’s investments and reporting daily or as per your agreement. An employee who is always calling in with excuses why they can’t make it to work is not an ideal one. If you normally report there every day, it is good to do so on time. But for you to really stand out, then you can make sure to come in a little earlier every day.

Do your job well

It is likely that you were the one who applied for the job that you are currently in now and if not, when the company offered you the position, you decided to take it on, so you should do your work well. You should do so with a smile on your face as well; make sure you go the extra mile each day to gain more knowledge on how you can be better at your job. Do your work diligently and help out your colleagues whenever you can.

Be loyal

Loyalty is a virtue that many people don’t have nowadays, especially in the highly competitive market where businesses open up every single day. You need to be loyal to your boss and the company—do not be a person who can easily give up the company’s secrets as long as you are paid for it.

Treat the company as if it is yours 

This doesn’t mean that you start barking orders at your fellow colleagues and walk with a know-it-all attitude. Rather, put yourself in your employer’s shoes mentally. You will use things in the office with care and avoid any wastage. Treat office equipment and tools as if they are your own, and impress your boss by making supplies last longer. Recycle whatever you can. Don’t misuse the purchased-in-bulk sticky notes from corporate gifts suppliers simply because there’s a lot. In addition, treat the clients as if they are your friends—you want them to come back often. Use electricity and water in the office well to reduce huge bills.  Observe hygiene, even if there is an office janitor.

Remember—even when your boss has not commended you on anything that you have been doing, there is always someone who is watching and whose feedback is important. You should also be polite and friendly to your co-workers because if you do get promoted then you will have to work with them, and you don’t want people who will sabotage you as a result of your terrible attitude. To get along better with your colleagues, start small by getting some practical, cheap corporate gifts that they will be sure to appreciate.

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