How Do You Know If It’s Time To Visit an STD Clinic

Sometimes, we fall sick. Illnesses can manifest themselves in many different symptoms, ranging from skin rashes to fevers. Whether it is the common cold, conjunctivitis or food poisoning, there will be symptoms that will allow a doctor to accurately diagnose and treat the illness. Similarly, those who have been infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – infections that transfer through sexual contact – will also exhibit certain symptoms. Should these symptoms surface, it may warrant a visit to an STD clinic for an STD test. If you experience any of these five symptoms, you may want to consider seeing a STD doctor.

1. Rashes around the pubic area

Skin rashes, or clusters of red painful bumps on the skin, are quite common. Typically, they are caused by some irritation from the external environment. However, if the rashes appear near your genitalia, then it could be a cause for concern. Rashes on the genitals can be caused by many factors, including fungal infection, allergies, parasites and STDs. Common STDs that cause rashes include genital herpes and genital warts. Should you ever see bumps on your skin near the genitals, it could be caused by an STD.

2. Swelling or redness in the genitals

Some STDs can cause pain inside the genitals thereby resulting in swollen or red genitalia. It is especially common for men with STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea to experience swollen testicles. It can cause significant discomfort and pain. Women with chlamydia can also experience vaginal swelling. Should you experience swollen or red genitalia, it is a clear sign that you should pay a visit to an STD clinic.

3. Painful sex

If you find yourself experiencing pain during sexual encounters, then it is recommended that you stop as you may have an STD. Pain can be caused by many STDs, including gonorrhoea, herpes and chlamydia. However, pain during sex could also be attributed to other illnesses such as pelvic cancer or general infection in the genitalia. It is recommended that you see a doctor for a more accurate diagnosis.

4. Sores and warts in the genitalia or in the mouth

Not all symptoms of STDs manifest only on the genitals. If you have had oral sex, it is possible for symptoms to appear in the mouth too. STDs that cause this symptom include herpes and HPV. They are often widely transmitted as herpes can be transferred through saliva contact and HPV often goes undetected as they exhibit almost unnoticeable symptoms. If you experience painful bumps in your mouth a few weeks after a new sexual encounter, you may want to consult a doctor at an STD clinic.

5. Fevers

One symptom of HIV that most patients face is a high fever. Usually, about a week after the infection, the patient will experience a fever of about 39 to 40 degrees celsius. Many patients may see this as a sign of dengue fever, but it could also be a sign of HIV. HIV and other STDs will make the body weaker as a result of the infection. It is important to seek medical help from STD clinics early as the medication will help prolong the lives of those with HIV.

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