5 Effective Ways To Boost Your Memory Of Physic Concepts

With the final A-level physics exam papers around the corner, a quick check on how to grasp physics concepts probably wouldn’t do much for your score. But then again, success isn’t achieved overnight. So this advice is likely to benefit you in the coming months.

It can be hard to contest that many students struggle with grasping A-level physics concepts. Many students lament, “I understand the concepts, it’s just hard to solve the problems,” signifying a lack of connection between the concept and its application. Many students understand the concepts as merely what they learned during their physics tuition classes but fail to understand how to apply them.

If you are struggling to grasp key physics concepts, read on and find out how you can be adept.


Most new concepts in physics are variants, extensions, or mixtures of what we already know. So, start right there. Physics is all about analogies. During your classwork as well as physics tuition sessions, a careful examination of the study material will help you see that physics comprises of analogies that aid in the understanding of complex physical phenomena. Whether it’s the motion of a particle down a plane or waves, physics concepts try to find a way to map a system into what we already understand.

It helps you understand that physics concepts try to address everyday life issues. Smart A-level physics tutors know this, and they’ll share with you as many real-life scenarios about a concept as possible. The more you can relate to the concept, the more it hits home.


Psychologists say that you can remember more of what you see than what you hear or read. Better still what you see and discuss with others sticks more in your mind.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and several hours of physics tuition. So, it won’t hurt to ask your H2 physics tutor to use more diagrams to explain the essence of a concept. Alternatively, you can check out websites and books with diagram illustrations. After all, you’ll recall more of what you see than what you read.


You’ve already seen that physics concepts are analogies explaining more complex phenomena in the physical world. But the best way to make a connection between the concept and the everyday life scenario is through examples.

Examples help us to experience what we have learned during the physics tuition sessions and make firm connections between the concept and daily living. It’s comparable to hearing about a sumptuous dinner and eating it. The hearing part is the classroom lesson, and the eating part is the examples.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Like riding a bicycle, you can know is it used for transport, see its picture and try riding it. But you have to keep practising in order to grasp the art of riding a bike fully.

The same goes with physics concepts. Learn as much as you can the physics tuition sessions but remember to practice solving problems and get help from your H2 physics tutor.

Test Your Knowledge

The last step in being adept is testing what you know. Surprise tests during a physics tuition session or continuous assessment tests will help you gauge your progress.

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